Load Board Login

Landstar offers its customers a separate and dedicated web portal to securely log into their LandstarOnline account and use the online service.

As a competent provider of integrated security solutions for transportation management, Landstar offers its customers great flexibility to meet their needs in the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries around the world.

Landstar is a global transportation system that provides safe and reliable transportation services provided by a network of freight forwarders, tenants, and other independent capacity providers.

With access to the LandstarOnline account, registered users can view and find their cargo and cargo, manage cargo, configure loading screens, track miles, pay or receive payments, and much more easily over the Internet. 7 days a week.

Landstar is a global transportation systems website (www.LandstarOnline.com) that was created to help 21-year-olds. It helps them meet customer needs with personalized offers.

LandstarOnline Load Board Login Requirements

To access the LandstarOnline.com portal, you will need certain information. These areas are:

  • Official URL of the LandstarOnline registration portal.
  • Upload your username and password to log into the Landstar dashboard.
  • Updated internet browser
  • Laptop or PC or tablet or smartphone
  • Reliable internet connection.

Important points when connecting to the loading ramp?

  • Before accessing the LandstarOnline home page, you should pay attention to two things.
  • You must have a user or employee ID. An employee of the company has an employee ID.
  • Remember your password to open your account.

Landstar is a safe, reliable and secure transportation service provided by a network of independent freight forwarders. The company has been offering logistics services for more than 50 years. It is a fully agent-based company that provides access to Landstar’s vast resources for global support.

After acceptance of the Landstar system, we will discuss registration with LandstarOnline at www.LandstarOnline.com. We are now starting the LandstarOnline registration process, but first. Let me walk you through some of the login details required for the LandstarOnline login process.